Tenant Occupied Services

Avantage offers a variety of services for occupied homes. These services are designed to maintain the habitability of a property during its occupancy as well as preserve the value of the asset. We perform initial inspections with the current tenant to assess the conditions of a property. We also coordinate the necessary repairs to maintain the property’s habitability in order to help our clients maintain compliance.

Habitability Inspections

Avantage will coordinate habitability inspections with the appropriate parties including the tenant. These habitability inspections are designed to identify any repairs required to improve the habitable condition of a property and are provided to our clients on consistent and easily understandable forms. We then coordinate the required repairs with our services, the contractors and the tenant.

Emergency Repairs

We provide a 24/7 hotline for tenants to contact us and report emergency repair needs. The emergency phones are manned by our repair managers that have the expertise to properly handle these calls and ensure the necessary repairs are timely completed.


Avantage Maintenance Department coordinates any necessary lawn, snow or pool services in accordance with the client’s specifications and lease terms.