Property inspections

We understand that current and accurate information assists our clients in making informed decisions about their properties. We have the capability to perform any property inspection needed on a regional scale. From routine occupancy checks to customized inspection reports, our qualified inspectors provide accurate and timely information to our clients.

Property Condition Reports

A visual observation of the property to determine the presence of any damages or issues.

Occupancy Verifications

A visual observation to determine if the property is occupied.

Contact Inspections

A "door knock" approach in an attempt to obtain information on the occupancy of the property.

Field Inspections

An inspection to determine the overall physical condition of the property, whether secured or unsecured and occupancy status. Observe grass or snow height and look for damages, hazards, or possible code violations.

Habitability Inspections

A scheduled inspection, coordinated with the tenant to assess whether tenants have a safe environment in which to live. The structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing components of the dwelling are checked and in some cases, general estimates for repairs are provided.

Exterior Inspections

A visual inspection to determine the overall exterior condition, including potential code violations, vandalism, or exterior damages. Exterior inspections can be performed on a recurring basis

Natural Disaster/Damage Inspections

A visual exterior inspection to evaluate damage from hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters.